This page presents an analysis of the online news related to the election of the mayor of Rome in 2016.
In the run-off, Virginia Raggi ran against Roberto Giachetti. Virginia Raggi was elected, with 67.15% of the votes.
SBS Time Trends
Shows the SBS evolution over time, also with respect to other brands.

Brand Positioning
Compares SBS and Sentiment.

Contribution of each dimension to brand Importance
A proper evaluation of the overall strength, can be obtained repeating the analysis on a single time-frame (which includes all the data).

Most frequent words and brand associations
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Trend of unique brand associations
Extends the concept of Diversity, looking at Unique Associations.

Target Words for the Improvement of Connectivity
Check if these words are, or can be, strongly associated with your brand, to improve Connectivity (Beta testing).

Network of Main Discourse Topics (Beta)
Color legend: red = brands, white = topic nodes, other colors = topic communities.

Main Discourse Topics
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